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Digital Wordsmithing focuses on editing translated work, with a focus on videogames and videogame-related material. If you have ever witnessed spelling mistakes or grammatically incorrect statements in a game, then you know how much of a show-stopper it can be. The reality of modern gaming is that even the most well-designed title can garner criticism as a result of a developer's perceived lack of understanding of the market they are trying to reach. Even those who speak English as a first language can run into problems when trying to express themselves effectively. That is why we are here.

Our firm will edit:

In-game text
Advertisements and other marketing materials
Press releases
Web pages
Misc. documents (supplementary material)
Scripts (for voice-over work)

Our firm will create:

Advertisements and other marketing materials (fact and sell sheets, box materials, etc.)

Our firm also gladly serves companies based out of the English-speaking North American market who want to make sure that their title is represented as best as possible. If you are worried about all of the text in your upcoming RPG or the basic unit descriptions in your manual, we will offer our consultation services.