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Do you want your new title to make the best possible impression in English-speaking markets? Have you released products before, only to be disappointed with how they were received? From the advertising to the in-game text, we can help to give your product's text and written material the polish that has been given to the rest of the product. We work with companies like yours from around the world to ease the workload of developers and publishers alike to make your game as good as it can possibly be.

We are a consulting firm that edits and composes text, with a focus on videogames and videogame-related material, to ensure that even the smallest title from Hungary will be as easy to understand and enjoy as one developed in California. With our services, the problem of localization companies mistranslating words and getting the meanings wrong is a thing of the past. By focusing only on text-related matters, we are a cost effective solution to your company's needs. English-speaking markets might be ready for your title, so make sure your title is ready for them.

With our services, you can forget about the worries of confusing slang and sayings and focus on doing what you do best: making great games.

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